October 26, 2018

This year's conference will be held at the Courtyard Marriott in Marlborough, MA.

Featuring Presentations on:
Rethinking Assessment, Integrating Crosscutting Concepts, Science Practices, Using Phenomena & Storylines, Supporting Elementary Science, Developing Understanding of Scientific Ideas, and New Models for Professional Learning.

Including the following presenters:
Valerie Bang-Jensen & Mark Lubkowitz, St. Michael’s College
Katie Bowler, Isadel Eddy, & Steve Long, MA Department of Education
Jack Buckley, Cohasset Center for Student Coastal Research
Dan Damelin, Concord Consortium
Erin Hashimoto-Martell, DESE
Rebecca Katsh-Singer, Westborough Public Schools
Rudolf Kraus, Rhode Island College & Lesley Shapiro, Keene State College
Eve Manz, Boston University
Peter McLaren, NextGen, LLC
Kate McNeill, Boston College
Nicole Scola & Hillary Paul Metcalf, DESE
Jeff Winokur & Cindy Hoisington, Education Development Center