Intro to Modeling Distance Learning Course

Because we know many teachers are not able to spend 3 weeks away from
home, maybe in a different state, to take a Modeling Workshop™ in the
summer, AMTA started with distance learning workshops.

So far, we have hosted Modeling Workshops™ in E&M and chemistry second
semester, for people who already had taken a face to face Modeling
Workshop™. In January, we will start with the Intro to Modeling course, for
people who have not taken a regular summer workshop yet.

What are conceptual models? What is modeling? What is Modeling
Instruction—what is it like for teachers? for students? How does it work?
Why does it work? What (if anything) does it have to do with NGSS?
For more information, dates and costs, please visit the website:

The Teacher Engineering Education Program at Tufts University

Helping teachers inspire the next generation
of problem solvers in their classroom

The Teacher Engineering Education Program (TEEP) at Tufts University is flexible, affordable, and designed to fit a busy teacher’s lifestyle. All four courses are online, offer 16 total hours of graduate credit, and have a low student-to-instructor ratio.All materials necessary to complete the coursework are shipped to participants, including (but not limited to) robotics projects and hands-on resources. Course content is differentiated for those just getting started and those who have already used engineering in their classrooms. For roughly $1,000 per course, K12 teachers can gain new knowledge, new resources, and a new approach to inspiring creativity and innovation in their classroom.  Learn more at

We still have space for the Fall 2017 cohort and we also have an amazing opportunity for selected folks to receive compensation for participating in a research study affiliated with the program. 

Professional Development offered at BSU

The Center for the Advancement of STEM Education at Bridgewater State University is offering the following opportunities for teachers.  Additional details and links to register for all programs below can be found online at 

  • The Great American Solar Eclipse
  • Open Lab Night for High School and Middle School Teachers
  • Macro to Micro Professional Development for Teachers
  • CH560 Matter: From Atoms to Macromolecules
  • BIO 514: Advances in Biomedical Biology – Teaching Cancer Biology


The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking.” Albert Einstein

Tufts Departments of Education and Physics & Astronomy offer a series of graduate-level courses for K-8 science educators focused on doing science. That’s the “practices” part of the new MA Framework and Dimension 1 of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Take a Class

The first course begins this spring: Experiencing Scientific Inquiry. It will be mostly online, with three in-person meetings at Tufts.

Learn more about the first course >

Teachers interested in continuing their education may register for the full three-course sequence on teaching scientific inquiry.

Learn about the course sequence >

Earn a Certificate

After completing the first course, students may apply to the Science Education Certificate Program. Credit earned in the first online course will be transferred into this program. Request more information by emailing