Constitution and Operational By-Laws of the Massachusetts Science Education Leadership Association (MSELA)

(latest changes approved at the MSELA Annual Meeting of May 21, 2015)

Constitution and Operational By-Laws of the Massachusetts Science Education

Leadership Association (MSELA)

Article I: Name and Purpose

Section I: This organization shall be known as the Massachusetts Science Education

Leadership Association Inc. The organization will also be known by the abbreviation,

MSELA in communication within the organization.

Section II: The primary objective of this non profit organization shall be to facilitate a

general improvement in science education in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by

means of a professional exchange of information, ideas and solutions to common

problems through the affiliation of organizations to be described in Article II.

Article II: Membership

Section I A: Membership in this organization is open to individuals who are science

education leaders in schools, colleges and universities, science education centers,

museums, governmental organizations and corporations which serve or relate to

science education.

Section I B: Members or past members, regardless of their current assignment, may

have their membership continued or reinstated under Section IA (member of an affiliate

group) or Membership at Large.

Section I C: There shall be four types of membership:

Active Member - any member as described in Article II, Section I A shall be an active


Retired Member - any member who retires from active involvement in science

education, may continue to be a member of MSELA Dues shall be one-half of an

active member.

Life Member - a past President of MSELA There will be no dues for a Life Member. He/

she will have all the rights and privileges of an Active Member.

Corporate Member - a corporation/business may join MSELA with approval of the

Executive Board with payment of annual dues. They will be entitled to all rights of an

Active Member except the right to vote.

Section I D: The membership year shall be from September 1st through August 31st.

Article III: Officers

Section I A: The officers of the Association shall consist of a President, a Vice President,

a Secretary, and a Treasurer. In addition to the two most immediate past Presidents, the

Membership Chairperson, and the Directors-at-Large, these constitute the Executive


Section I B: An Executive Secretary may be appointed annually by the Executive

Committee. This will be a paid position with duties, responsibilities and salary,

determined by the Executive Committee. The Executive Secretary will be a non-voting

member of the Executive Committee.

Section I C: A Membership Chairman may be appointed annually by the Executive

Committee. This will be a paid position with duties, responsibilities and a stipend

determined by the Executive Committee. The Membership Chairman will be a voting

member of the Executive Committee.

Section I D: Two Directors-at-Large may be appointed annually by the Executive Committee.  These Directors will serve as liaisons between the Executive Committee and the regional affiliates.  They will be voting members of the Executive Committee.

Section II: The term of office for the President and Vice-President shall be two years.

The term of office for the Secretary and Treasurer shall be unspecified and rotations in

these positions will be recommended to the MSELA membership in the spring Annual

Meetings. Election and installation of all officers shall take place at the annual meeting

in the spring of each year.

Section III: The Nominating Committee will be named by the Executive Committee at

the winter Membership Meeting and slate of officers will be announced at the Executive

Board meeting immediately preceding the Annual Meeting in the spring. Any MSELA

member wishing to serve on the Nominating Committee may do so by making a written

request to the Executive Board.

Article IV: Duties of Officers

Section I: The President shall preside at all meetings and shall have general supervision

of the affairs of the Association. He shall be ex-officio, a member of all committees

except the Nominating Committee.

Section II: In the absence or disability of the President, the Vice President shall preside

and assume the duties of the President. The Vice President shall serve as chairman of

the standing committee for the General Annual Meeting.

Section III: In the event of the resignation of any officer, the President shall appoint a

pro tempore officer who shall serve until an election for that office is held at the next

regular meeting.

Section IV: The Secretary shall record the proceedings of all meetings, keep a list of

officers, members of committees, and record attendance for each scheduled meeting

This notification may be included in a periodic newsletter or by email.

Section V: The Treasurer shall receive and receipt all monies of the Association and

keep a full and accurate record of disbursements and receipts.

Section VI: The Executive Committee, as outlined in Section I of Article III, shall manage

the affairs of the Association in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws.

Section VII: The retiring President is to serve as a member of the Executive Committee

for a period of two years.

Section VIII: The Executive Secretary's duties will include but not be limited to:

publication of a newsletter and at the discretion of the Executive Committee serve as a

liaison with other organizations and government agencies interested in the

advancement of science education in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Section IX: The Membership Chairman’s duties will include but not be limited to the

recording of all members of the association, a mailing of a renewal of membership of an

annual basis, the solicitation of new MSELA membership, and the writing and mailing of

a Membership Handbook which is to be mailed to each MSELA member once a year.

The Membership Chairman shall prepare and see to the distribution of notification of

General Membership meetings (at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting). The

notification shall include an agenda and the minutes of the previous meeting.

Article V: Quorum

Section I: A majority of the members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a

quorum for the transaction of the business of the Executive Committee.

Article VI: Amendments

Section I: Proposed amendments shall be submitted in writing at the November or

February General Membership Meeting and shall be voted on at the next annual


Section II: The Articles of this Constitution may be amended at any annual meeting

provided that proper notice (as described in Section I of this Article) is given, and

provided that a quorum is present, and provided that the two-thirds (2/3s) of those

present so vote. A simple majority of voting MSELA members approves these changes.

Article VII: Operational By-Laws

Section I: An Annual General Meeting will be held in the spring of the year. The Annual

Meeting will be open to all MSELA members.

Section II: The President may call emergency Executive Committee meetings at any


Section III: The location of any meeting shall be determined by the President. The

Association shall assume all responsibility for expenses incurred for the refreshments or

other incidentals connected with the conduction of these meetings.

Section IV: Each member of an affiliate organization may be assessed annual dues.

The affiliate dues are collected by the affiliate.