Program Coordinator


JOB POSITION: Program Coordinator

Date: 06/24/2019 - 08/02/2019 (approximate)

Hours per week: 25 - 30 hours/ week / Salary: $20 - $25 per hour

Application: Send a cover letter and resume to David Meshoulam at

Questions?: Call 617-398-7409 or email David Meshoulam at

Program Coordinator Responsibilities

Working under the direction of TFW board and T4T Program Director, the Program Coordinator will

have primary responsibility of managing the T4T program. For approximately 20 hours per week, the

Program Coordinator will supervise youth in the field or at events. An additional 5-10 hours per week

will be spent planning and preparing for the days’ events.

The Program Coordinator will:

● Learn about past work in tree inventory and help complete the street tree inventory

● Oversee orientation and training of T4T youth

● Lead daily T4T team meetings

● Meet with the town’s Tree Warden to coordinate events and projects

● Supervise youth in the field 4-5 hours per day, Monday through Friday

● Establish daily objectives and day-to-day area plans for teens, including planning field trips

● Mobilize, monitor, and track the youths’ progress

● Meet with TFW board members on an as-needed basis to provide updates on program


● Attend and participate in educational activities, workshops, and networking events as needed

● Collaborate with TFW members to assist with program evaluation

Qualifications Requirements:

● Experience teaching teens and youth

● Fast learner

● Ability to walk 1-2 miles per day

● Ability to do physical labor, including pruning, digging, and lifting material

● Ability to work and solve problems independently

● Willingness to engage with residents and neighborhood representatives

● Proficiency with smart-phone applications

● Interest in environmental conservation, urban forestry, and/or landscaping

● Commitment to issues of public health and environmental justice

Helpful Experience:

● Urban forestry education/experience, or similar, highly desirable

● Environmental or sustainability education

● Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel

Information about Trees for Watertown

Trees for Watertown (TFW) ( is a non-profit organization founded in

1985. Trees for Watertown's mission is to care for our community and environment, by:

• Promoting the planting and preservation of shade trees

• Serving as an educational resource as to the beauty, value, and requirements of trees

• Collaborating with town departments, local, regional and national organizations, and the public to

support a healthy urban forest in Watertown, Massachusetts.

The Trees for Watertown Board of Directors and other interested members meet monthly, nine

months of the year, to plan, evaluate, and act on behalf of Watertown's urban forest.

• We advocate for the long-term care, conservation and planting of trees in Watertown.

• We collaborate with Watertown's Tree Warden to educate citizens and institutions on the

importance of trees in the urban environment, and to develop plans and policies for the long-term

health and well-being of Watertown's urban forest.

• We attend town meetings and give voice to tree issues related to building developments, park

renovations, and road improvements.

• We celebrate Arbor Day with the Tree Warden each April by donating the planting of a tree and

helping to provide tree seedlings to schoolchildren.

Teens for Trees (T4T) ( is TFW’s youth summer employment program for

approximately 6-10 Watertown teens (ages 15-18). The program is now in its third year. In past years,

participants have collected tree and site data on nearly 4,000 trees and 4,000 empty planting sites

throughout Watertown. This year teens will complete the inventory but will focus most of their time

on caring for trees through watering, basic pruning, and mulching. In addition, teens will create an

outreach campaign in preparation for a neighborhood tree planting in the fall.

Please Note: In order to be eligible to for a program that involves potential unsupervised contact with

children, applicants will be required to undergo a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check

and a Sex Offender Registry Information (SORI) check.

Trees for Watertown celebrates diversity and equal opportunity. We are committed to building a team

that represents diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. Underrepresented groups are

encouraged to apply.