Direct from School Project Entry to MSSEF

Did you know that you can send additional students to the statewide high school science fair at MIT at no cost?

Here’s How!

All high schools in Massachusetts may send up to two projects (as space allows) -- either individual or team projects -- to the State Science & Engineering Fair (MSSEF). These projects are known as  Direct Entry projects (DE).

Special Note: DE projects are in addition to any others by students from your school that placed high enough in your regional fair, and therefore received an invitation to move up to the MA State Science & Engineering Fair competition at MIT.

It is your choice which Direct Entry projects you select to participate. However, MSSEF recommends you collaborate with your “science fair coordinator” to determine which projects would be most appropriate and which students would benefit the most. 

There is no cost to your school or to your students.

To meet registration criteria, students must have followed the guidelines, rules, regulations and have had their research plans approved before they began experimentation.  

For complete information:

If you have students who would like to participate, please send all information to your regional director immediately following your regional fair, but no later than March 15th Contact information can be found here:

MSSEF will send an invitation to your students who qualify, and they will need to be State approved by the State SRC using our online system, and then register for the Fair.