2019 Modeling Workshops

 The winter break is over and it is time to start making summer plans, summer professional development plans included! Modeling Workshops are hosted each summer all over the country and we are still trying to get to other nations as well. Workshops are typically 2 or 3 weeks long to learn how to use the Modeling pedagogy in the different disciplines. You as teacher, will take on the role of your students, to experience what they will do with this different learning (and teaching) style and after activities, in teacher-mode you will debrief with the leaders who are also classroom teachers and know what works (and does not work) in their own classrooms.

For more information on Modeling Instruction, please visit our website:https://modelinginstruction.org/ or https://www.phystec.org/pd/?set=Modeling

July 8-19 – Chemistry I and II, Biology, Middle School and CASTLE at Needham High School, Needham MA

Contact STEMteachersMassBay: info@stemteachersmassbay.org

Information: https://tinyurl.com/MassModeling2019

July 15-25 -- Mechanics at Merrimack College, New Andover

July 29- August 9 -- E&M at Merrimack College


Contact Darren Broder dbroder@siena.edu