FREE Webinar

AMTA hosts a FREE webinar, open to all, on Tuesday January 15 - Engineering-Activity Dreaming: Share your ideas & dreams on what would make an awesome engineering activity for your class!
What types of engineering design activities would you like to have created for your high school PHYSICS / CHEMISTRY/ BIOLOGY class?  Join us as we hear about an NSF funded project, “Building Informed Designers” that hopes to build engineering design activities of various lengths, interest areas, and complexities for high school biology, chemistry, and physics classes.  The 3-year project is just starting, and the leadership team wants to hear from classroom teachers about what topics and types of activities you think would integrate well into your instructional sequence and be meaningful ways to help students improve their engineering design skills and see how science and engineering work together to solve local and world problems.    The webinar (hosted by Bruce Wellman)  will give a brief introduction to a great resource for high school science teachers called “The Informed Design Teaching and Learning Matrix” which can help you and your students understand nine design strategies to move one’s engineering design skills toward that of an “informed designer” rather than making common mistakes of “beginning designers.”