Laboratory Safety Institute

The Laboratory Safety Institute is currently in its 40th year of providing laboratory safety training to laboratories of every size, and in nearly every industry around the country, and around the world. We are passionate about our non-profit mission to encourage everyone to Teach, Learn, and Practice Science Safely. LSI believes that, if young people are to have rewarding scientific careers as researchers, Hygiene Officers, lab techs, and educators, they must have the safety education that keeps them, their coworkers and their facilities safe. If these habits do not begin early, many promising careers will be cut short as young people enter laboratories unprepared for the discipline of safe working conditions, or are alarmed by unsafe conditions they do not know how to address. 

We deliver our educational programs live at our offices in Natick, in scheduled and contracted courses around the world, by webinar, and via online/distance learning. Our scholarship program and membership discounts help make all these formats affordable for K-12 teachers. Through our programs, teachers can not only help their students, but help their schools and districts. They can also earn continuing education credits for their own professional development and career advancement. 

The details are available on our website through this link: (hyperlink  LSI Lab Safety for Teachers ).  Or, simply go to our website and type teachers in the search box. 

We are examining new schedules that might make our programs more accessible for teachers. We welcome feedback from the community as we consider new options such as evening and weekend programs. 

So, what's coming up soon in Massachusetts?

April 11, in Natick: our 1-Day Program, Safety in the Secondary School Science Lab:  SiSSSL  $99. teacher pricing* Normally $495.

April 24, in Natick: our monthly 2-Day Lab Safety Short Course:  2-Day Short Course  $199. teacher pricing* Normally $875.  

August 7-8-9 in Natick: our Lab Safety Boot Camp, the most comprehensive program available.  Boot Camp  $399. teacher pricing* Normally $1095. 

Details on our online courses are here:  Safety in the Laboratory Online Courses

And LSI offers free Q&A sessions every month. Join in person or via webinar:  Free Q&A

For more information on any of these programs or to discuss your needs, call or email Julie Woods at 508-647-1900 or