The Modeling Workshop

The Modeling Workshop™ season is well on its way, but if you have not registered for a workshop, have no fear – we have several workshops still available for the remainder of the summer!

Massachusetts – chemistry at Norfolk County Agricultural High School, July 10-21, leaders Stephen Colbert and David Farabee; contact Teresa Marx

Massachusetts – E&M at Merrimack College, July 31 - August 11, leader and host Darren Broder;

If none of the workshops fit your schedule, maybe one of the planned Distance Learning Modeling courses would be an option. The classes will meet 15 weeks for 3 hours for the synchronous part, for a total of 45 hours. Graduate credits from Aurora University are available for purchase (3 credits for $300). Colleen Megowan-Romanowicz will lead an Intro to Modeling course, open to people who have not yet taken a Modeling Workshop™. Advanced workshops are scheduled for Middle School (with George Nelson and Scott Stokes), Chemistry (with Brenda Royce and Larry Dukerich), and Thermodynamics (with Levi Torrison and Phil Root - attendees have to have taken a face-to-face workshop prior to the DL class. For information, go to: