For High School Educators - New blog entitled Electrifying America

After working for 40 years in the electric industry I created to provide a basic understanding of that industry and its issues. I believe that the more that people understand the industry the more likely we are to develop viable solutions to the challenges facing the industry.

 The posts in make the complicated issues facing the electric industry understandable for high school students. These posts are not issued in any particular order. However, I have organized them into the following three modules that appear as tutorials on the site:

 Module 1: The History of the Electric Industry

Module 2: The Current Status of the Electric Industry

Module 3: The Potential Future of the Electric Industry

 The posts in Module 1 cover the history of the industry including the electric current war between Edison, on the one hand, and Westinghouse and Tesla, on the other, the need for regulation, how electric service became commonly available and several large-scale blackouts.

 The posts in Module 2 cover how electric service is currently being provided including the use of large fossil fuel plants, introduction of renewable generation, partial deregulation of the industry and operation and protection of the transmission grid.

 The posts in Module 3 cover how the electric industry is likely to be transformed in the future including use of a carbon tax to combat climate change, use of increased electric consumption to combat climate change, descriptions of smart grids and micro grids and the role that electric utilities will play in the future.

 Each of the tutorials includes study questions based on the posts. I am hoping to get feedback from educators that will guide me in developing future posts that might be helpful in expanding the understanding of the electric industry.

 I. David Rosenstein