NSF opportunities for middle school science classrooms

The first is a proposal to the National Science Foundation for an experimental curriculum design project that will integrate robotics, engineering design and biomimicry (drawing inspiration from nature to inform robot design) in middle school science classrooms.  At this point, interest at the district level sufficient to write a letter of commitment to help us with teacher recruitment is all that we are looking for. 

The second project is currently in its 2nd year of implementation in Cambridge and Newton 8th grade classrooms. We are testing a curriculum that integrates computers into Earth science by tasking students to design a computer game that teaches other students about climate science. We would be seeking to recruit 8th grade teachers to participate in the project during the 2017-2018 school year.  The curriculum takes about 20 hours, is aligned with the MA standards, and students in the program have shown significant assessment gains. Teachers will receive professional development and a stipend for their participation.

If interested, contact Gillian Puttick for more information at 617 873 9712 or gilly_puttick@terc.edu