Teachers Needed; Summer Stipend $2500

CSCR, the Cohasset Center for Student Coastal Research, engages students in authentic, community-based research. This year, we'll be monitoring bacteria counts at public beaches, surveying and documenting the health of eelgrass beds, and conducting water quality studies from the upper reaches of the Gulf River in N Scituate to the mouth of the river where it spills into Cohasset harbor. We'll be building and launching surface current drifters in collaboration with Jim Manning (NOAA), a research scientist with whom some of you may be familiar. 

We're looking for two teachers to join our staff this summer, and hopefully beyond! Teachers earn summer stipends ranging from $1500-$2000, depending upon the number of hours they work in the summer. We target 80 hours in the summer, spread out over June, July, and August, with an additional 20 hours dispersed throughout the school year (for additional pay). Essentially, we budget $2,500 for 100 hours work. (We'd love to pay people what they're really worth, but as of now we offer a hellavu good time, working with great people- students and staff alike- and a great environment: outdoors, on the water, doing authentic research. All told, not a bad gig.)

Marine Debris Project Leader:

  • familiarity with the issue of marine debris and microplastics
  • experience with lab protocols
  • experience with boating and able to operate a small outboard to travel by water to harbor beaches
  • willing to transport students in his or her car, as needed (not a regular need)
  • GIS experience helpful

Gulf River water quality monitoring

  • familiarity with YSI meters, water chemistry, science of estuaries
  • experience with lab protocols
  • understanding of watershed science
  • willing to transport students in his or her car, as needed (fairly regular need)

Contact Jack Buckley if interested.  781-385-1438  Center for Student Coastal Research